Who is behind all this nonsense and where did it come from???

Good question. REALLY good question.

The short answers are:

  1. Leigh
  2. My brain

But I’m guessing that didn’t help you much, so let me elaborate.

I’m Leigh. That’s me in the photo above.

I’m a life coach, entrepreneur, husband, online business development nut, body surfer, lifestyle design consultant, productivity coach, chef, and anything else that takes my fancy (it’s currently surfing and fishing but I don’t think I’m at a level where I can put that on my resume just yet).

I like life and I like to take advantage of the very short time we have on this great earth.

I’m lucky enough to live in a seaside paradise on the Australian east coast with the woman of my dreams eating great food with great people all the whilst helping others make a difference to their lives.

But this wasn’t always the case. I spent a lot of the early years of my life stuck inside a confusing and debilitating fog of doubt, frustration and dependence. 

My entire sense of self worth was based on what other people said and how they reacted to me and it was crippling, to say the least.

I was constantly stuck in my head, doubting, questioning, scheming, and deliberating on how I could get the approval and validation I so desperately craved in my life.

As you can probably guess, this wasn’t a very empowering way to live my life.

Luckily for me, I was INCREDIBLY poor at getting peoples approval. This might not sound lucky, but it was. 

If I’d been great at getting people’s approval, I would probably still be doing it today. I’d be able to coast by on my skill without ever having to find a new way to do things.

But due to the fact that I was so incredibly incompetent at gaining approval, I had to find another way to feel good about myself.

Things didn’t start out so well… The information I found was either prohibitively complex, weirdly spiritual, or so practically useless that it wasn’t applicable to every day life.

So I looked more, and was disappointed more. It seemed like the harder and further I delved into what was already available, the more disappointed I became.

So, I stopped that adventure before I ended up hating life even more and decided to come up with my own answers. 

So I did. And the basis of what I found is what you now read on the site under the heading of Vedanism.

It’s my life philosophy that’s allowed me to go from being consumed by doubt, anxiety, and frustration with intermittent bursts of external validation to living a life consumed by laughter, love, excitement, and a deep sense of personal power and satisfaction, mixed with a healthy amount of doubt, anxiety, and frustration.

I sincerely hope you’re able to get a fraction of the joy in your life that I’ve been lucky enough to experience.