Social Conditioning is Destroying your Life

Social conditioning is destroying your life
The title says is all: Social conditioning is destroying your life.  The weight of expectations of the world around you is crushing your soul and morphing your empty shell of a life into a vast and barren wasteland, littered with decaying promises of a more hopeful future and 1000 broken dreams. But not in the way you think it is... Let me explain.   What is social conditioning? According to Wikipedia, it's the sociological process of training individuals in a society to respond in a manner generally approved by the society in general and peer groups ...

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The true cause of suffering

the cause of suffering
Let's not beat around the bush here: life can suck sometimes.  The best laid plans can go awry and the best of intentions can get derailed by some unforeseen circumstances. And when it does, it hurts. And it can hurt a lot. The pain, the suffering, the anguish can twist and turn inside your soul and linger far longer than you'd wish on even your worst enemies. So where does this come from? And how do you make it go away? Both good questions. Lets start at the start: According to the Buddha, the cause of suffering is craving and desire. By desire, ...

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How to know the right thing to do in every moment

how to know the right thing to do in every moment
In some situations in life, the right thing to do is very clear. You don't stab someone with a knife because of the colour of the shoes they wear You don't pour toxic waste into the stream behind your house that the locals down river use as their drinking water You don't dangle your naked body parts over an open fire But there are other parts where it's not so clear... Should you approach that cute girl in the food court whilst she's eating her lunch, even though she looks engrossed in her book? Should you speak up when your boss says something you know ...

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