Would you like to give back?

Would you like to help make a difference to others and the world around you? Or would you just like to say thanks for the help you’ve found here?

Either way, any contributions you can make to Vedanism are greatly appreciated.

Building, operating, and growing a philosophy like this takes time, effort, and money and any little part you can play in taking some of that workload is incredibly helpful.

Here are a few simple ways you can help:


Spread the word

One of the easiest and simplest ways to contribute to Vedanism is to spread the word though your contacts and networks to anyone you know who could use a bit of a help up.

  • Share the articles and ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and any other social media platforms you use
  • Link to from your blog, website, or social media group page
  • Talk about Vedanism amongst your group of friends
  • Mention Vedanism in any forums or groups you’re part of
  • Start your own local meetups to discuss ideas and help each other implement them



Running a website costs money and writing and responding to articles takes even more time. If you want to keep online and make sure it’s regularly updated, please donate to Vedanism.

You can donate as little as $5 here: Donate to Vedanism



Do you speak a language other than English? Would you like to help other people who aren’t able to speak English access the ideas and philosophies of Vedanism?

If so, we’re always looking for volunteers to help translate the articles on the website.

Once we get a the core articles translated in any language, we can start making that available to people all over the world who previously didn’t have access.

If you’d like to start translating, please check out the translation page here.



Do you have a knack for helping others understand a different way of seeing the world? Would you like to start mentoring other people who are as lost and confused as you once were?

If so, we’re always looking for new moderators to start guiding and facilitating the discussion on the forums.

If you would like to become a Vedanism moderator, please flick us a quick email through the contact page.

Thank you for your support

Your efforts and contributions are crucial in helping Vedanism reach the thousands and thousands of people all around the world who’re struggling to see just how simple is it to be happy, fulfilled, and free.

Without your contributions, not only would thousands of people have never found the solutions on Vedanism, but we also wouldn’t be able to afford to operate.

So, thank you. By helping out, you’ve made a massive contribution to the lives of many.