Principle 2: Core motivation


Principle 2: As the core pursuit is to experience, the motivation behind ALL decisions, actions, and non-actions is the pursuit of the desired experience at that point in time

If the core drive behind your wants and desires is experience, and the drive behind your decisions is to fulfil your wants and desires, then what is the relationship between the decisions you make every day and experience?

Why do you work the job you do? Why don’t you leave it an find another one? Why did you wear that outfit today? Why do you hang out with the people you do? Why are you reading this website?

Experience isn’t just the core drive behind your deep wants and desires, it’s also behind the small and seemingly innocent decisions you make every day.

The shirt you put on in the morning, the seat you choose on the bus, the queue you choose in the supermarket, the snack you keep in your desk drawer that you munch on when you think no-one is looking.

It’s all connected. It’s all the same. It’s all about experience.

Everything you do, every action you want, every action you don’t take, every idea you share and every idea you choose not to share, it all comes down to experience. No decision is made and no action is taken outside the scope of trying to experience… something.

This is the second principle of Vedanism – the core drive behind every decision, action, and non-action is experience.


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EXERCISE: If you would like to understand more about how this relates to your life, there is a simple way you can do it.

Write a list of decisions you made in the past that ended up in an outcome that you didn’t want – that with hindsight, you wouldn’t make again – and ask yourself “Why did I make that decision? What was I trying to achieve?”

Keep asking yourself “Why?” until you get to a point where the only answer left is “Because I wanted to experience xxxxxx.”

Go through every item on your list.

Then write a new list of decisions you made today that were seemingly innocent and innocuous – things like the clothes you wore, the places you went, the people you hung out with, the way you styled your hair, the food you ate.

Once you have that list, once again, ask yourself “Why?”

Keep going until the only answer left is “Because I wanted to experience xxxxxx.”


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