Vedanism in 30 Seconds


I get it.

There are plenty of different places you can visit to get the supposed ‘answer’ and ascend from this mortal realm and achieve god-like happiness… (or whatever else you’ve been promised).

Why should you bother with this as another supposed ‘cure’?

It’s a good question. And the answer is even better. In fact, it’s so good, I’ll give it to you in two parts.


The first reason is that everything you need to know is FREE. 100% FREE. No cost. 

No part of the ideology has been hidden behind vague promises of solutions and results locked inside a 178 page ebook or a 4 part DVD series.

It’s all available for you, right now.

No bullshit lead-ups with disappointing crescendo’s that tell you all the great stuff is only available by purchasing a membership to get access to the private members vault.

It’s all 100% FREE.

If that’s all the excuse you need, you can start reading all this FREE information here: What the heck is Vedanism?


The second reason that is unlike any other personal development website is that the content comes from an angle that seems suspiciously uncommon for a community designed to help people.

In, you will find:

  1. No exclusionary spiritual jargon about energetic prana winds or chakras. Just practical advice.
  2. No obscure rituals that involve you kissing the feet of any bald Asian children who smell like cabbage three times before you’re not allowed to look them in the eyes because that would be disrespectful. Just practical advice.
  3. No restrictive rules about what you can and can’t eat, own, or do. Just practical advice.
  4. No strange outfits or robes you have to wear to be part of the inner sanctum. Just practical advice.

I think you get the message…

Personal development has long been either the realm of strangely dressed hippy folk chanting over coloured crystals and taking copious amounts of mind altering drugs or fanatical, middle-aged, unemployed Americans dressed in board shorts and ill-fitting T-Shirts with motivational slogans stretched out of shape by their protruding mid-sections.

If that’s your thing, then great! It’s just not for everyone. What’s the point of having a solution if it involves completely abandoning your current life? How is that a useful solution?

This is why I created Vedanism.

Vedanism has been created up to give you practical, applicable, and effective solutions to the every day problems that come from living in a functioning and productive society.

Why? Because that’s what I always wanted and couldn’t find anywhere else.

So, if your life is feeling a little less than ideal and you want a practical solution to your every day issues that means you don’t have to completely abandon your current life, then you’ve come to the right place.

To get the first step in that solution, you first need to understand a little bit more about you’ll find here.

You can learn about it here: What the heck is Vedanism???

Thanks for visiting,